Advocate for your child (and yourself)

Advocate by understanding your child's needs, knowing what is available for services and how to access them. Strive to work as a team player with professionals. Be honest and communicate openly. Be willing to try new things and take some risks. But most importantly be willing to ask for help.

Your life should be made up of many people, places, and events. Let your child who has a disability, be an important part of that life. But not the only part.

About ADD

Advocates for Developmental Disabilities Program Goals

To develop a better understanding of developmental disabilities by families and others interested in the welfare of individuals with developmental disabilities.

To Provide a local agency for the gathering and dissemination of information regarding developmental disabilities, enhance existing services and develop new programs on behalf of individuals with developmental disabilities.

To Further the training and education of parents, caregivers, advocates and consumers regarding developmental disabilities.

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