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, call Advocates
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Molly Tichenal – Director

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Kool Kids on the block

KOOL KIDS ON THE BLOCK is a DISABILITY AWARENESS/BULLYING PREVENTION PROGRAM which includes puppet skits and hands-on learning stations showing that kids are more alike than different and that EVERYONE IS SPECIAL! These presentations open doors for individuals to look at both similarities and differences and through discussion, examine their own feelings and attitudes.

KOOL KIDS ON THE BLOCK are 5 child size puppets that represent
a variety of disabilities.  

koolkidspuppets     koolkidsgroup

As a result of the KOOL KIDS ON THE BLOCK program, our hope is that children and adults will:
• Better understand individuals with disabilities.
• Feel more comfortable developing friendships with individuals with disabilities
• Appreciate and accept differences.
• Know what to do if you are being bullied.
• Know what it means to be a bully, a target, and a witness.
• Become more aware of bullying and how it affects everyone.
• Understand that everyone needs to be treated with RESPECT.

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