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How Can I find
a Parent Mentor?

Advocates for Developmental Disabilities has a list of parent mentors available for you to contact. Some parent(s) may want to talk to a mentor, but are uncomfortable to make the “initial” call. If you would prefer that a parent mentor contact you, please let the director know and she will contact a parent mentor.

For a list of mentors contact:
Laurie Running – Director or
call (507)-451-9769







parent mentors

Parent Mentors are volunteers composed of parents who have gone through or are still going through the joys and the many challenges of having a child or young adult with special needs who want to support other parents who are on the same journey. Parents or other family members connect with Parent Mentors who have had similar concerns and experiences in their own lives.

Parent Mentors are trained to provide one-to-one peer support to families by: listening to their hopes and fears for their child and family; sharing their experiences and knowledge about community resources; assisting families in finding solutions to their concerns and advocating for themselves.

Adult   Mentor Friends

Finding the Support  you need

The Parent Mentor ‘support’ is not limited to just a few services, but the ‘support’ is tailored to the families needs. The parent connecting with the Parent Mentor will be able to discuss concerns with someone who truly understands the unique needs of having a family member who has a developmental disability, someone who has “been there, done that.”

Vounteer's Viewpoint

"I volunteer with the Advocates for Developmental Disabilities as a Parent Mentor. We have a son who was diagnosed with ADHD and MR as a young child; we listened to the Doctors and followed what they said. That was not enough for me so I began research on my own. I experimented with foods and how to react to different situations, and it has worked!

I love to volunteer as a Parent Mentor as I know what other parents have gone through and the frustration that goes along with it. You know your child best, but sometimes you need just a little help or reassurance from someone who has been there. As a volunteer, I am here to assist and help you understand — but most of all I will listen to you!" –Kathey H.

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