Special Sitter

Are you interested in hiring a special sitter?

For a list of Special Sitters contact:
Molly Titchenal – Director
add_steele@hotmail.com or call
(507) 451-9579


ADD offers grants to help pay for a sitter when it would cause financial hardship for a family.  Requests must meet criteria set by ADD.  See the Application form and criteria linked below.

Individual Needs Application Form
Individual Needs Criteria

Special Sitters

The Special Sitters Program is designed to prepare teenagers, 13 years and older, and adults to provide care for most children who have developmental disabilities and are under 14 years of age. The program is for teens and adults who have previous sitting experience, care about and appreciate individuals who have disabilities and are interested in gaining experience in working with children who have special needs.

 Informational meetings address these topics:

Communicating with Parents

Responsive Play

Keeping Your Time Together Enjoyable

Communicating with Children

Special Needs

If you are interested in being a Special Sitter, contact the Director.

Teen Sitter      teen

Who Benefits From Special Sitters?

• Provides a sense of security
• Allows time for yourself, with spouse, with other children, for family business
• Peace of mind; care you can count on in an emergency

• Promotes social development through new friendships and experiences
• Receives safe, healthy, understanding care

• Greater awareness of the individual who has a developmental disability
and his/her right to share in the life of the community.

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